Balance, calm, heal the Internal water so our external world can Be that!

This sound current is a staple for me and a great one for our

Venus (love, beauty, positive relating), Saturn 3/8 (8 is the vibration of Saturn, patience, compassion, organization, foundations)
Sat Narayan
This mantra creates internal peace allowing one to project outer peace. It gives one a clear perception of the truth. Narayan is the aspect of infinity that relates to water. Hari Narayan is creative sustenance which makes the one who chants it intuitively clear. Sat Narayan is the true sustainer. Wa-Hey Guru is indescribable wisdom. Sat Nam is true identity

Sat Narayam

Wa-Hey Guru

Hari Narayan

Sat Nam

Water Therapy break:

You are worth it

They are worth

Cool and calm the waters

Restore your mind to vibrate in peace💜



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