2019 Life Review Gift

🎁This is a gift for those who have been a part of my evolution as I’ve been a part of yours
Whether you’ve been in my class or sessions or any foundational growth and shared in some form, we are all advancing each other in countless ways

We are a collective of One Love
Merry Christmas to you all, to us all💕

If ever I have a moment of “not enough” type stress i stop, go to my heart and think of all of us who are breathing together to make a difference and it helps me connect to my deeper awareness once again.

I could never express how much I love you.

As we unwind now from all the activity of this year and especially in celebration through giving and receiving,
take a moment to go to your heart.
This video may help as there is so much Love contained in these photos👼💕🎁💝

You are such a gift to this world ☀️🌞

I am grateful for how you’ve healed and changed me, how much my relationship with my daughters and their lives have healed and so on….
And in that gratitude I know much is coming to you as well as we live in a circle of love whether we realize it or not

We are OneLove

We are blessed
We are surrounded and filled with
Love, Peace and Light 👼🌞