Sacred AUM for calmness, connection, great sleep

I am in an all out mission to create Effortless Living. No more ideas, beliefs or experiences of Stress!

Let’s Reconnect to the Internal space we are have that is our Stress free zone

When we are connected, everything is far easier

Sound vibration is our natural gift

Breath is our 1st key nutrient and medicine

Simplicity is Divinity

Singing AUM for 3, 5, 7 minutes will make a difference with the track or without!

Set an intention to melt away what no longer serves you

I’ve been doing this daily and notice a difference in my life, my students and children I work in-home as well.

Let’s live effortlessly as we are designed

Don’t underestimate the power of simplicity!

Listen here:

You can purchase this to use on devices anytime at a special price of $5 directly from Naam Yoga who creates this Advanced Healing Sound Therapy masterfully here:

Sacred AUM Special Single Release – Instant Download

I am available as a Naam Yoga Therapist and Instructor if you need quick tools for calm, productive living for yourself, family, business. You can learn a few to have in your personal medicine chest with 10 to 15 minutes just as I did. I am offering this as my gift to you and your family in December by phone, zoom, message

Bless us all to create a life we love by living effortlessly.



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