Go to sleep feeling happy, wake happy — 6 nights for new moon

Have a beautiful sleep tonight and every night!

Use your thoughts! It’s simple

Your brain is the command center
Your body and cells waits for commands

☆Focus on the love in your heart center
☆Fall asleep thinking about gratitude for each thing in your day and life

Self love will heal everything in your life and create the reality of fulfillment and happiness

☆Think all thoughts about love, gratitude, acceptance

☆Acknowledge anything you’d like help improving

☆Ask for help and that positive Light request will lift it up and out by morning

Set the intention of restorative sleep, effortless healing. No disturbance while you heal

Hand posture:
See Pic 1. Use Index, Middle and thumb
Inhale thinking thoughts of gratitude

Exhale out any heaviness ~~let any heavy feelings go melting tension in your body

If you need help to stop thinking…..shift to affirmations with breath
Pic no 2. Press Index to mound of thumb to stop all thoughts and

Breathe in 5 counts, hold 5 counts , exhale 5 counts

Repeat until you fall asleep!

Mentally vibrate the words:

I am happy, I am whole, I am supported, I am safe repeating with breath until you fall asleep

Adjust all of this to fit what works for you!

Wake happy!

Pic no. 1

Pic no 2

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