You are doing your best…..we are doing our best

What if we just forgot….
How valuable it is to fill our energy with our own Light?
To Be
How to love ourselves?
That we are Love by Nature?

I watch babies and young children daily as a Yoga Therapist/caregiver/Practitioner
They are resilient
They do not suppress unless programmed
They experience and go into experience continually
They are continual energy and so much Light!
They tend to sleep when tired, eat when hungry
They play, play, play
They feel their way through ever experience
They marvel at their hands, their feet and crawl, walk, running ability
They have Joy in their own voice and full expression whether we understand it or not
They are a bubbling brook of Joy

At one time we were that as well
Have we forgotten?

Maybe we are simply barreling down the freeway at 100 miles per hour
Yet wanting to make that right turn into the the right neighborhood……
The correct place and time
That isn’t possible, is it?
At least without a crash and perhaps a messy adjustment

I am the last person that meanders well
But having had many hard crashes and coming to the conclusion that I was ready to
“Right size my Life” to match my Energy,
I tend to remember more often

When I remember to just love my energy and my creation as it is,
When I live from the INSIDE OUT
it all goes far better
When I remember to love by seeing that we really are always doing our best
Even when the best in a person is hard, mean, harshness, hurt, projections all over the place…
They are the best they can be at that moment because that is where they are
When my best is wearing myself out and forgetting to breathe
When I am a series of reactions that are not kind and pretty
I come back to ….
I am just doing my best
Which right now is coming out of reaction and going inward, going home
Shutting the door
Hugging a tree and crying
Feeling it until it is all out
Saying I’m sorry I had a monster moment and I allowed myself to project my ugly all over you…..
Again…… I need some time to get back to me
I’ll be back better
And I start a mantra
I find a sweaty movement and breath practice
I go into what I know brings me back to my
And I just know I forgot
And start again
And do my best to keep that going so I don’t drop my energy down too far
Or it’s a long, long climb back up
I rarely forget that now……ugh, no going down…..too much work climbing back up!

Just some thoughts ……
You are at your best no matter what
You create to learn
There are no mistakes if we learn and find gratitude for our experiences
And return to loving ourselves entirely

I trust the Light in You
I have Faith in the GodSelf in you
You are not your Ego only
If you forget
I will remind you
If you are low so you hurt all over, or confused, reach out
I will share
Be willing to do the work
No one can do it for you💜🎵🎶💓🌷😍

I love you

Published by: awakenhealinspire

I have been passionate about understanding energy and managing energy my whole life and its contribution to health, emotions and cycles of behaviors patterns. This has led me on a journey of study and experiences for Self Healing and resolution for sick family members. I have mentored women from dysfunctional families since 1996 and worked with children since 2003. Naam Yoga Therapist Shakti Naam Yoga Instructor Hatmonyum Healing System Practitioner Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor/Practitioner Children's Energy and Family Dynamics Specialist

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