In a moment…..

Her eyes brimmed over

Her pain flowed out

And in that sensation I felt something inside from long ago

Same pain, similar experience, different details

In the moment of loving, listening and affirming

I felt myself do what I most needed back then

The story poured out in vulnerable completeness and God took over

My heart overflowed, my mind was quiet

I was grateful to be trusted with her precious heart need and that every experience it took to make me humble, loving and gentle suddenly made sense

Who knows what really happened 

There are no words to describe that Soul to Soul moment

But I am in such overflowing thankfulness since

Published by: awakenhealinspire

Oracle, Transformation Coach Assist one in connecting to Higher Self and inner Light. Identify the root karmic blocks and assist one to understand and remove them. Assist one in finding original energy and original path, Life purpose in this incarnation, Soul Purpose of Existence Remote Healing Work Preparing for Twin Flame Inner and Outer Connection

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