Sessions to customize your Self Healing practice

Customized sessions to create your balanced, effortless life

Imagine your day……

You wake up sleepy, accepting yourself where you are at

Before you get out of bed, you begin by clearing your mind and energy in a 30 second technique so you are no longer grouchy and groggy, resistant to the day

You make it to your mat as soon as possible (restroom stop, drink water)

You tune in to set your practice and intention

You cleanse your energy effortlessly

You begin a physical practice that feels incredible within the first 30 seconds and reminds you why you got up in time for your practice

You know exactly what to do each step because it is laid out before you.  It is simple and you know what it does for you. You FEEL what it is doing for you

No matter how long, 15, 20, 30, 45 minutes

You have done your practice,  created a great healing in your body, mind, emotions, bank account,  well being, relationships,  family, career… begin the day ready and happy!

You have touched every area of you life in a very simple practice that matches your current way of life.

Customizable Sessions available

For individual, group, your family,  your children,  moms and tots, teens,  your business or companies

In person ~~Mesa, Arizona studio

Chandler,  Arizona studio

In your home or place of work

Remote Via Skype or phone

You will receive:

Easy to follow written practice

Vibrational music

Follow-up for success

Access to me via email, text, phone

Free Harmonyum Healing for your children ( for local sessions only)

Free book and online resources to enhance results

Confidence in your Self Healing and manifestation abilities to create your life

For more information,  please contact me at

Or Facebook message

Let’s get moving and thriving now!

May you be surrounded in Love, Peace and Light!

Patricia Anderson

Shakti Naam Yoga and Harmonyum Practitioner

Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor/Practitioner

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