What supports you?


I now know this feeling. I feel the Lion behind me is God, My vast strength of Guidance, the strength and wisdom developed from my journey of loss and struggle, my partnership with life. ..
And Lifes reflection back a partnership in every form ♡♡♡♡

At times I know I walked through everything to be capable of intimacy with myself and another
Other times I feel so close to God and Home that I wonder if I have returned to heaven
Other moments I know we are very human in indescribably passionate and beautiful ways
And then the heavy stuff crashes through so I can see what yet is next to heal mirrored in my Beloveds words and eyes

It is a journey to the Soul not a journey to another for the other is outside
When you journey to your inner core never looking for someone outside to save you, be with you, carry you or protect you, it seems to happen that you meet the God inside, your Light that can do all those things for you.
And when there is no expectation or need because you are all you need
the mate appears that matches that frequency of wholeness
That is my journey and story
I respect and honor and learn from all stories

I wish you love, peace and Light in your journey to your Heart which holds you Soul

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