Lightworkers and All Celebrate!

Have you been doing your work to heal yourself and bring more Light from your Essence through?
If you are angry, feel it
If you are sad even better, feel it
Let it run its course then
We have been through so many energy times
Celebrate and bring vibration UP while the veil is thin
You will feel great
You will be safer

I am deserving
I am enough

Be well!


Play this mantra and dance
Play it on silent and just let the happy vibration wash over you
Download it and others from and be armed at any time to feel healing and happiness and bring up the energy of the space you are in as a gift to you and all others!
Come to my site anytime for profound vibrational healing when you need a reset or go to and create a playlist!

I love you just as you are!!

Patricia Ametherea
Oracle, Divine Conduit and Facilitator
Integrated Energy Therapy Practioner

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