Oracle Message for this thin veil Halloween time

Oracle message


The veil will be very thin this Halloween time.  Watch out for your Light and the children of any age but especially the young ones as they may be most in touch.  They are granted safety but the teens or children who are in suffering may need added protection.   AA Michael and Metatron are here for everyone.   Use them to protect and clear energy of all.  Going forward that will be a very important energy practice especially as we awaken to higher  vibrations and step further on our paths.  If you struggle with energy balances, AA michael can clear you  and teach you have to utilize his energy for cleansing and confidence while Metatron can help you find a balance and clear your Higher Sense perception. This can be especially helpful if you have children.

Many blessings!   Enjoy and accept your journey in ways.  Those that accept and allow their vulnerability by FEELING it all will be granted protection and pure light guidance and joy!

Christ Buddha ONELOVE

Patricia Ametherea
Oracle,  Divine Conduit and Facilitator
Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner

Published by: awakenhealinspire

Oracle, Transformation Coach Assist one in connecting to Higher Self and inner Light. Identify the root karmic blocks and assist one to understand and remove them. Assist one in finding original energy and original path, Life purpose in this incarnation, Soul Purpose of Existence Remote Healing Work Preparing for Twin Flame Inner and Outer Connection

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