Listen and create your Happiness today to upgrade your mood and energy!



Happiness is a high frequency that helps us manifest all we want and deserve from our Inner Divine Light!

No matter what you need or how urgently, being happy can help you!
Take a break from your cares and concerns and just breathe in happiness and do this often when you work, create or even do a mundane chore!
I use mantra to stabilize vibration and help me create what I am focused on in the moment
I play these to hear and enjoy even if I am not chanting and I also play them on silent as they do not have to be heard to improve the vibration around me
I always have a mantra playing on my phone on silent wherever I go because I respect the space around me and spread positive vibration but I also wish to stay in my positive vibration and respect my energy needs to do so!

My favorite and most trusted site is as they are the Masters of healing sound vibration
All mantra recordings are made at the most auspicious time of day for healing and with the highest Intelligence and understanding and quality.

For today, just enjoy Happiness and play this mantra

Go to to purchase if you wish or to make a playlist to enjoy from their site
or come to my site often and enjoy the most significant mantras we need at all times on the home page at the bottom

I love and respect you and your journey no matter what you are!
Patricia Ametherea
Oracle, Divine Conduit and Facilitator
Integrated Energy Therapy® Practitioner

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