Freedom! The purpose of life’s dramas


Try your best to focus on your Insides

Often when we are clearing a heavy imprint all we interpret goes through that imprint so everything is skewed
It is just how it works
Sometimes you focus on fear and someone or some circumstance as the source of fear
Sometimes you become aware that you have always had this fear inside, it just changes depending on the circumstances and person
The awareness comes and goes

This fear is very creative  so when you clear it and heal it by feeling thoroughly and consciously,
you will be free
And you will resolve the cause of the fear which will free everyone from their roles as actors in your drama and also take the weight off of them so they are free to reconnect and come up and out of the drama role they play
You are not the cause of their disconnection from Source and they are not yours

I say this with love because I’ve experienced this countless times in my relationships with my significant others, kids and life circumstances

If someone I live with is in a lot of fear and disconnected, I know it is a signal I just have to keep growing my connection bigger than it was and bigger than theirs so I can be useful in the process or at least not a adding to their suffering

The lessons stay the same, the details just chance
The awareness grows stronger
The Intuition, clarity and gifts grow out of this healing of Inner Child and cause of disconnection from Source
Gain faith in this Earth School process!

Stay the course

Say often
I am enough
I am deserving
I am safe
I am guided
I lock trust and love on High
I am worth it!

Patricia Ametherea
Integrated Energy Therapy® Practitioner

How can IET clear these Imprints and speed up my healing process?
Go to my page on Integrated Energy Therapy® Practitioner


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