This is not real


She is underwater
She is full of fear
She struggles
She wakes up to the Simulation
Then she awakens to the truth:
This is not real

It feels very real
It is supposed to feel real
It is a Simulation of our design
When we tap into our Inner Knowing and remember it’s not real
We heal
We bust the story
We raise up and out of it
We must cleanse away the density and debris

We are free for good
I am Light
I am Safe
I am Free
I am Enough
I am Deserving

(Thank you to Divergent movie for this amazing display of what describes the dream so well)

Patricia Ametherea

Published by: awakenhealinspire

Oracle, Transformation Coach Assist one in connecting to Higher Self and inner Light. Identify the root karmic blocks and assist one to understand and remove them. Assist one in finding original energy and original path, Life purpose in this incarnation, Soul Purpose of Existence Remote Healing Work Preparing for Twin Flame Inner and Outer Connection

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