Face the person in the Mirror for Love


I do and will never stop until I’m there
Which is here! Now! 
Nothing is better than this moment because I am awake to the truth and better than ever for every trip up and mess in the journey.  
My gratitude is in direct proportion to what I have mastered
You only master what breaks you down, opens your heart with pain so the old, embedded feelings can spill out
New awareness is always the cure
Illusion is that all fear is real
Love is real and the cure to fear but not in what we imagine
Each person must find love inside of themselves first to experience it for real with another
Can someone show us a form of love even if we do not love ourselves?
Yes, absolutely
But it’s like loving through glass and imagining how it would feel to truly touch the other person
Your imprint and their imprint spoil the romance and harmony after a while
The imprints begin to brew up a good storm of confusion and ego bashing
Bravely face yourself
Spend time in silence with your fears and pain and have a show down
You are worth it and all illusion may send you back into the arms of the ego dance with the same person or another but inevitably we all end up on the floor alone crying anyway until
We face the person in the mirror and have it out
Will you?
Will you stop and face the illusion you are living in?

Published by: awakenhealinspire

Oracle, Transformation Coach Assist one in connecting to Higher Self and inner Light. Identify the root karmic blocks and assist one to understand and remove them. Assist one in finding original energy and original path, Life purpose in this incarnation, Soul Purpose of Existence Remote Healing Work Preparing for Twin Flame Inner and Outer Connection

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