Acceptance is Key, Your Medicine


Fully accept yourself as you are in this moment
When you engage in something with another that annoys you because they are resistant or struggling,
Fully accept them exactly as they are

When we accept ourselves,
Love begins to flow through us to melt our resistance and challenge
This love can then begin to melt the resistance and challenge in another when we come together
Acceptance is Key
It will cause the Love to begin to heal us and transmit to others

Unconditional Love begins with Acceptance

Acceptance is a high frequency
It opens our crown chakra to RECEIVE what we need
The answers and messages of Guidance we seek
Acceptance fills us with our Highest Light and Grace from Heaven so we can melt the obstacles we face

Acceptance does not mean we Like what we face
It does not mean we are happy with the Unacceptable or that we agree with another or the hand life has dealt us

Acceptance means we surrender to what we cannot control
It means we surrender to what IS
Feeling the feelings of anger, frustration, judgment, pain and sadness  that things are the way they are FREES US
We release Powerlessness karma and we begin to feel the release and Light flow in
We begin to shift back to ease and peace

Love can begin to flow through us as we accept ourselves as we are in any given moment
Unconditional Love is what we most need from ourselves
Acceptance allows this process to begin by opening our crown
We begin to feel
We release
We shift back to our Center
We can now face another with Acceptance and transmit the Unconditional Love we feel for ourselves
We begin to change the MAGNET inside that ATTRACTS our experiences

Try Acceptance as your medicine today

Lovingly and Respect for your Light,
Patricia Ametherea
Divine Conduit and Facilitator

Published by: awakenhealinspire

Oracle, Transformation Coach Assist one in connecting to Higher Self and inner Light. Identify the root karmic blocks and assist one to understand and remove them. Assist one in finding original energy and original path, Life purpose in this incarnation, Soul Purpose of Existence Remote Healing Work Preparing for Twin Flame Inner and Outer Connection

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