Ascension, Lineage healing, Light Workers, relationships, Twin Soul…….

"Change--and the world changes with you." Jesus The Book of Light

“Change–and the world changes with you.”  Jesus  The Book of Light

Ascension is about many processes of healing. 
Finishing our lineage healing is essential.
We must complete what was embedded within our system, cells, wiring long ago. 
We go seven generations back when we face our lessons. 
We take on the seven generations of another when we accept a romantic relationship,
a friendship where we carry another,
OR AS light workers if we are not properly cleared of density ourselves.

Do you feel heavy, weary at times?

Energy Cleansing and Healing is a light, easy, daily process that can carry you up and out to your BEST GUIDE to heal what you carry or have taken into your energy.
There is a specific process that works efficiently and can be done daily with ease.

Your Healing Guide is in a dimension and frequency that knows specific healing needs in this moment and ACTIVATIONS you are ready for

When we chose our activations and growth in harmony with our Healing Guide we see inner change matched with outer change more rapidly

When we choose our healing and activations through EGO AND MIND or the Mind of another due to our lineage entanglements, unresolved Past Life lessons, we feel a YANK BACK or linear moves versus upward improvement, or we move into lower dimensions once again.

Reaching the Healing Guide dimension takes Chakra cleansing and alignment in a specific way
When you begin to align with this consciously and energetically, the door begins to open in your ascension in a way you have been waiting for many, many lifetimes
Your life has prepared you for this!

Are you ready to lighten and release your load if OLD and begin to fly versus survive? 
Lead versus absorb?
Finish your patterns once and for all?

We area here to EVOLVE and experience

Does this speak to you?

Christ Buddha ONELOVE

Read more about Energy Cleansing and Coaching at

Remote classes forming now, audio and assistance, cleansing sessions available.  The program will be customized to fit your Energy, desire, and budget

Lovingly and respectfully,
Patricia Ametherea

Published by: awakenhealinspire

I have been passionate about understanding energy and managing energy my whole life and its contribution to health, emotions and cycles of behaviors patterns. This has led me on a journey of study and experiences for Self Healing and resolution for sick family members. I have mentored women from dysfunctional families since 1996 and worked with children since 2003. Naam Yoga Therapist Shakti Naam Yoga Instructor Hatmonyum Healing System Practitioner Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor/Practitioner Children's Energy and Family Dynamics Specialist

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