My gift to you on Love Day, 2014 Self Love, Self Acceptance Meditation

I am so grateful and happy today!  I experience so much abundance and joy as Heaven On Earth experience.

I must share with you!

Please enjoy this gift again and again so you to may feel joy, happiness and abundance with far less density within you!

We are here to attain Unconditional Acceptance and Unconditional Love of Self

Your relationships and experiences show you what your inner frequency is

This meditation will assist you in healing to Self Love and Self Acceptance so your experiences begin to shift to higher levels of Abundance, love and happiness

What is blocking you?

Take 36 minutes to cleanse out the old energies and bring in NEW, Vibrant Unconditional Love.

Be the LOVE here on Earth by healing with Unconditional Love from above and cleansing out what blocks you from higher frequencies of living, creating through your ESSENCE and SOUL!

This prices is through FEELING not your mind or thinking. Just follow and allow yourself to sink into the body and feel the energy changes. Do not try to visualize our create an experience.

Your Personal Healing Guide and Higher Self is doing the healing for you. Do not fear. Only Beings of Light directed by Your Healing Guide will be assisting You!

Download to your iPod, iPhone, Android or other with the link below

If you would like to experience this energy cleansing and healing process at a deeper level specific to your needs, please comment or email me!

You can also come to my facebook page (right side of my site find my fb link) and enjoy more about Energy Cleansing and Healing and what your Healing Guide can do for your WELLBEING on Earth.

For more information about Energy Cleansing and Healing, click this link

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