How does my cleansing and healing work….
I get asked a lot about what I am DOING to you

I truly LOVE what role I have chosen
I will keep this simple…
I am grateful to say I assist you to connect to YOUR HEALING GUIDE
This HEALING GUIDE has been with you ALL of your lives since you were formed into a SOUL
You are given everything you need in HEALING in all your incarnations by this HEALING GUIDE IF you raise your vibration high enough to that dimension

That is my JOY!  I teach cleansing and proper alignment of YOUR chakras so you can reach YOUR HEALING GUIDE and YOUR HEALING TEMPLE
Your HEALING GUIDE takes over from there and informs me of your future cleansing needs, messages, but otherwise, YOU are completely taught by Your HEALING GUIDE how to CLEANSE YOURSELF and manage your own ENERGY for ascension and happiness on EARTH
This alignment takes you back towards your ORIGINAL PATH and ORIGINAL ENERGY and to abundance in all forms

Your HEALING GUIDE also knows all your Healing and Growth done while you were in Heaven or other training planes between incarnations.
Everything you need for your healing, cleansing, growth and vibrancy is known by your HEALING GUIDE in THIS MOMENT
This frees you for the NEW AGE.  You become your OWN HEALER though it is a work in progress, step by step YOU LEARN and OPEN your
Higher Sense Perception and unblock from past live density

Yes at times we still need those ahead that can translate, educate so if you are still blocked in HIGHER SENSE PERCEPTION, you do not translate your MESSAGES from YOUR HEALING GUIDE through  your EGO and MIND…YOUR OLD WIRING and programming

When we engage in services to learn cleansing and to begin to align with your HEALING GUIDE, you can rest assured you are in the HANDS of HIGHER SELF, HEALING GUIDE and ONLY those BEINGS of LIGHT YOUR HEALING GUIDE and HIGHER SELF send you, bring you up to

This process was not discovered by me though I have dedicated much this life to this Ancient Knowledge
This is not my mind, ego or even enlightened fancy!
This is all downloaded through many platforms but most directly from Christ Buddha through Alexandra Solnado and now directly through myself and many others.  This is not NEW this is quite Ancient and not a marketing or slick new age tool!

Christ Buddha ONELOVE

If you have further questions, please visit The Book of Light explains Your cleansing and Healing Guide in more clear detail and more about my ascension state


Patricia Ametherea

What is that name?
Patricia — EGO name
Ametherea — SOUL Being name
Patricia Ametherea — Ego and SOUL in Balance, Higher and Lower Self aligned

Published by: awakenhealinspire

I have been passionate about understanding energy and managing energy my whole life and its contribution to health, emotions and cycles of behaviors patterns. This has led me on a journey of study and experiences for Self Healing and resolution for sick family members. I have mentored women from dysfunctional families since 1996 and worked with children since 2003. Naam Yoga Therapist Shakti Naam Yoga Instructor Hatmonyum Healing System Practitioner Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor/Practitioner Children's Energy and Family Dynamics Specialist

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