Dream Guide messages, 7 days to set your 2014 FOUNDATION

auralightbeing collagejan2014
SEVEN days left including today to set your 2014 foundation!
When you are preparing for sleep ask your Dream Guide to protect you and show you what you need to see.
Ask that he keep you in a deep, restorative sleep until you are ready to awake and remember your dream.Keep track of dreams in detail and by how they FEEL
Its ok if you only recall parts of the dream. They will repeat in different forms to reach you
Often you have different elements present t…o show you the end of a pattern….earth, wood, water, metal
A series of three dreams in one night is significant. Pay attention to all three to understand the pattern presented
Each part is a reflection if YOU including the surroundings, landscape, items…
If you keep track of your dreams, you will begin to see repeating types of dreams to show you what you are processing again so you can end the pattern in your life
Dreams very early in the morning show you are ending a cycle of growth so pay close attention. What you need to know to end this cycle will be included

Your intuition is the best way to understand your dream meaning as they are from your subconscious and your Guidance. Everyone will have different interpretations based in how much mental and EGO they have and dreams are personal for a snapshot of your INNER state.
Becoming an expert at using your intuition to grasp the messages is a tremendous tool at improving your wellbeing and life.

Notice how you feel as you first begin to come into consciousness but are not ready to open your eyes.
Connect with your heart and feel the emotions.
Your heart communicates with your Soul and will tell you what your Soul is feeling.
A deep, clarity with Soul Is why we are here in this density.
The more Soul connection we feel, the more we will Speak, Act and Think from our Soul which will create Guided action and Love in all we do.

Christ Buddha ONELOVE

Many blessings for deep, restorative sleep and healing especially as we near the end of the first growth spurt of 2014….the first 32 days of the year.

Patricia Ametherea

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