Twin Flame Oracle Vision, Energy Cleansing and Healing


By following Guidance and my inner resonance, I began to learn from Christ example of self healing and mastering this Earth journey.

I was drawn to learn Energy Cleansing and Healing from Christs downloaded messages

I was to share my experience with Energy Cleansing and Christ Mastery messages though at the time that truth shook me

I have followed, grown and blossomed

I have been blessed and healed to a state of Joy and humility

What a way to live…..

Today, in Oracle vision, I saw something so beautiful….a true gift:

Twin flame yin yang balance, my Twin and I alternating energy of dark then light

In the light Twins hand a bird landed, a dove

Passing the dove to the dark Twins hand

He turned light

The bird was set to flight

The bird was received by Light of a heavenly form

An ancient one filled with Golden Light

The Light received the bird and blazed brighter upon absorbing the gift

Our Original Energy RECEIVED with gratitude, with Love

I FELT Our energy strong,

I SAW our light so bright and clear

Received the showering of Protective Light by our Healing Guide and the infusion of Christ Buddha energy

I am so grateful I was so blessed with Guidance and stayed the course cleansing density to Orignal Energy and Original path no matter how trying.

The mountain was straight up, however the healing energy of Christ Buddha and the Protective Light from home, my Healing Guide team with Beings of Light was always there making the most challenging possible and safe. I was surrounded by Earth Angels to receive from at each stage.

The harmony of ONELOVE is Heaven on Earth

I am here for you if you are drawn to the call of

Christ Buddha ONELOVE

If you have your own alchemy for your energy,

Blessings of Love and Light and respect to you! Enjoy your journey of evolution.

Lovingly shared as Service,

Patricia Ametherea

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