What karma did you come to heal? Answer this, cleanse this in REMAINING 7 days of Foundation Building 2014


Perfect message for first 32 days of the year and the first full moon of the year

UPDATE:  $33 REMOTE CLEANSING beginning when you are ready, ends Feb 2

Exchange through paypal, you do need not have an account to use paypal

Remote cleansing can be scheduled or brought in through sleep, naps….

Several meditation audios supplied

Instructions and correspondence will assist in understanding and clearing anything that you are ready to heal

Use this audio on silent or low for healing

Perfectly created for vibrational healing by Dr. Levry, http://www.rootlight.com

Free download from www.rootlight.com on front page or email me and I will send it to you! transformationcoach1111@gmail.com


Think about something you want to do but are unable to. Or, better still, something that you may not want to do because you know it will cause you great pain. You may not want to do it but you know you have to do it. You know this not because of your mind but because of your ego. You know because of intuition, and this is the greatest form of wisdom that exists.

Think about something you have to do but simply cannot do. It just doesn’t happen. It doesn’t work out. You may even try, but you just cannot do it. Think about it. Focus only on it. You will notice something stirring inside your chest. A sense of fear. A feeling of constraint. An uncontrollable urge to flee. This is probably your biggest knot. Your biggest difficulty. One of your karmas.

Karma is something that caused you a lot of pain in another lifetime. It is blocked, and it is something you are running away from with all your strength in this lifetime. You have a memory of that life in which it caused you so much pain. An unconscious memory, yet it is still a memory. And that memory prevents you from doing something similar in this lifetime.

And you may ask, “If I cannot do it, why is it that I want to do it? Why do I know that I have to go there?” And I will answer: Because this karma has to be unblocked within this lifetime. And if you come into this life to cleanse karma, until you have relived this memory and accepted the pain, you will be unable to free that karmic energy. So you will be doing nothing worthwhile here.

In short: Identify the thing that you have most difficulty doing, or even think about doing it. Let your fear take hold of your heart, open your heart, remove that density, cry if you feel the need to, but cleanse yourself. And each time you think about it, it will hurt a little less. This is how one begins to cleanse karma. This is how one begins to give meaning to reincarnation.


THE BOOK OF LIGHT – Ask and Heaven Will Answer,
by Alexandra Solnado

Don’t hesitate
You WILL be assisted
If you need help, email me transfornationcoach1111@gmail.com and I can assist through correspondence and remote cleansing and healing through your Healing Guide, Higher Self Christ Buddha energy.
You will recurve an audio meditation and an appt for the cleansing
$33 energy exchange through paypal

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I have been passionate about understanding energy and managing energy my whole life and its contribution to health, emotions and cycles of behaviors patterns. This has led me on a journey of study and experiences for Self Healing and resolution for sick family members. I have mentored women from dysfunctional families since 1996 and worked with children since 2003. Naam Yoga Therapist Shakti Naam Yoga Instructor Hatmonyum Healing System Practitioner Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor/Practitioner Children's Energy and Family Dynamics Specialist

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