Blurb about Twins…recent experiences

My twin had left his body for restoration…didn’t matter the reason…I just felt the distress of his energy gone and the aggravation that the body was literally empty…he only answered and said things when someone directly spoke to him and he became aware he was being talked to…when I asked him spiritual questions or detailed questions that required deep knowledge there would be some pause and then a flood of knowledge would flow I had never heard him speak of…I could feel the purpose of this change, however, it was still so challenging to FEEL the empty energy inside.
I cleared my own ego responses to this absence… I went into intense work as this situation persisted. I could feel the push from Source to finish the CAUSE of my separation from my beloved.  I got the messages and knew in my SOUL my twin was showing me for some time he could not stay with the remaining density he had in his body and I still had in mine.  At several stages, I felt his return…more Soul Union within his body.  The picture of this blue ORB showed up at one of the first stages back in June.  Many pictures continued to show up.  Each time I knew they were showing me a significant shift was occurring within my energy and dimension which would also bring him further into this reality.
Recently, I saw him, standing in front of me….he was speaking and his energy showed up huge on the wall.  Inside his chest was a giant blue flame…..It was startling but also my most recent signal….AMAZING
This morning I saw our light body energy was the same….mine white, his black, yin yang balance was perfect.
The light body is our ORIGINAL energy.  He has always shown as his original…I always showed as one more humanlike….Our energy was the same size and flowing perfectly together.
It is tremendous work to heal ourSELF.  I have always worked on healing my ego soul balance and return to TRUE SELF realization of Soul in this Earth plane.  I never was motivated to heal for my twin or to get my Twin…I was always guided that my WHOLE SELF is the way to fulfill in every way.
I am absolutely blessed to have a Twin Union on Earth.  To me it is the most difficult experience and not at all what I have read about.  It is what I have heard about from Christ Buddha…SELF and a reflection of SOUL SELF union.
I find that a much simpler process to follow.  I am not saying this is the only way.  There are many ways…this is just what has spoken to me.  I have rarely read or followed any writing about Twin for this reason though I know many who have found Union in other way.  There are many stages to go through and much work to understand the EGO developed within the TWIN relationship…Twin in itself can become yet another EGO hurdle…..I have felt that and witnessed that with quite a dark end a few times.
I wish the very BEST to all in  2014.  I am here to SERVE if you need help.

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