11.20.2013 Final day of Full Moon – Gratitude and Positive Steps meditation


11.20.2013 Final day of Full Moon

Acknowledge your connection
Step into your protective capsule – see it as big as the space you are in
Fill your crown with protective light
Open with gratitude Feel protective light wash your cells in each part of your body….washing away anything that blocks your Highest Light
A white light cleansing tube pulls out density…
Push any concerns out of your capsule one by one as you begin to float up
Feel your energy
Feel the sensation of gratitude and WHOLENESS as you float up to the White Light cloud to your healing
Feel yourself being washed as you FEEL WHOLENESS
Ask your Healing Guide to show you your next steps
Blessings of Light on this final Full Moon day May you be loving your SOUL And putting it FIRST
Audio Meditation
Patricia AmethereaIf you struggle with density and patterns yanking you back, consider a energy cleansing and  healing session.
You will find more info on this link https://awakenhealinspire.com/energy-cleansing-and-coaching/  or email me for a consultation and quick energy evaluation.  Transformationcoach1111@gmail.com

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