11.19.2013. Full Moon Highest Manifestation Day Meditation

 change your vibration change your life

11.18.2013 is the highest day of Manifestation

Today, 11.19.2013

Following our release and expansion, we USE GRATITUDE to assist use in INTEGRATION.

Gratitude moves us forward in positive steps, accepting our current energy as we integrate the changes and fills us with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Have gratitude for your SOUL and for LIFE…. the cosmic order and OPEN to assistance from ABOVE.


If you find anything too heavy or dark, do chakra cleansing and feel free to contact me.


Check in with yourself

What have you been hovering over today in your thoughts?  Have they been what you want to create more of?

You can change that in this instant!

Whatever you intend happens whether you feel or see it…that being said, here is a quick exercise to connect to your powerful LIGHT in alignment with YOUR HIGHEST LIGHT


See a White light cleansing tube to suction out thoughts so you can detach from mental layer

Begin filling yourself with Protective Light from your head downward

Keep filling until your head feels light, clear and at ease

Go deeply into your heart center and FEEL what is there

Push out everyone you care about

You can see them being suctioned into a Healing Ball of Protective Light so they receive what they need

Now feel your energy and feelings

Push out everyone that you have conflict or old, heavy feelings with

Again use the Healing Ball to assist them

Feel your energy

If you still SEE or have thoughts about someone running through your mind, they are in your energy

Sometimes you have to lock them out of your energy so you don’t pull them back in

Ask Angels to help that person and help you resolve what is needed with them

Feel your heart center

Feel all of the feelings there until they are exhausted

Use a White light tube suction out heavy feelings in your Heart center

Whatever you feel is cleansed out use Protective light to wash your heart center and FEEL it all

If you are still feeling heavy, go to your root chakra and wash it with protective light

Go to each chakra one at a time and Feel it, wash it with protective light

Feel whatever sensation is in the chakra

When you have reached the crown, fill it with gratitude

Feel each chakra and each CELL of your body so full of Protective light and gratitude you begin to Float

Float up into the cloud of White Light above you

Feel yourself Saturated with this White, healing Light

Rest and restore yourself in this cloud from heaven

Feel this lighter state fully

Feel this lightness to create a new NORMAL

This cleansed energy state is where you create from

Now begin to FEEL what you want to create MORE of in your life


Feel JOY

Ask your Healing Guide to come to you

Feel your Healing Guides energy and the security

To connect to this sensation of LOVE, JOY and SECURITY, ask your Higher Self to show you memories or experiences with these sensations

Feel Feel Feel the sensation of Love, Abundance, Ease, Laughter….whatever you want to have more of, feel this sensation fully

You may see memories or images

Use your intuition to KNOW what these images represent

Come back to this sensation several times today KNOWING you are manifesting with intention





Christ Buddha ONELOVE

Audio meditation is different than the written.

For iphone, android or computer download:


Here is a meditation to use for this highest day and afterward

Use this to integrate activations for several days, to cleanse energy and to gain intimacy with your energy

This meditation was created on this auspicious day utilizing silent audio vibration for

I AM creation

AUM from www.rootlight.com

Many Blessings to you!’

Patricia Ametherea

Patricia — EGO name

Ametherea — Being name

Patricia Ametherea — EGO SOUL Balance for the experience of Heaven on Earth

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