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I am always Guided to see what the Other half of my Soul is showing me about my relationship with my WHOLE SOUL.
When I see this from Higher Self and from Heaven perspective, I find the healing I need to do within myself.
I then heal and shift into the ACTION that I need to take to be in alignment with my Soul.
I then see the shift within my relationship with Self and with the Other Half of my Soul.
Guidance gives me signals ETHERICALLY and in the outer relationship.
THREE SOUL ACTIVATION and SELF embodiment makes it effortless now.
We are driven to heal the relationship with our ETHERIC SELF and REALISE OUR SOUL on Earth.
That is the ORIGINAL PLAN.
 ~~~~~I hear the warning:
Many get lost in the density Many have developed a NEW EGO~~~TWIN EGO
There is so much study about TWIN, the SOUL is being IGNORED
LIFE sent a distractor in the form of TWIN FORM to test our connection to SOUL
Will we abandon our SOUL once more and path back to ORIGINAL ENERGY?
With ORACLE VISION I have seen TWIN EGO DENSITY has become an ENTITY to fight or run from
I have experienced this
This entity can only grow in power if we FEED IT
STOP and seek SOUL not this EGO TWIN.
Christ Buddha ONELOVE~~~~~~~ icoon Buddha Jesus
I take that warning very seriously so as not to develop more KARMA and DENSITY in this lifetime.
Does this Light Language speak to you?
Lovingly, Patricia Ametherea

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