REMOTE ENERGY cleansing and Healing to ready for 11 11 13 Gateway


There is a tremendous shift happening now.

In order to RECEIVE the activations and release from lower energies and density, we must be purposeful in our actions and efforts.

Receive a remote cleansing to ready for the gateway opening 11 11 13 – Monday and thereafter.

Receive a healing from many Beings of Light that will flow forward through my channel – Christ Buddha Oneness dimension to you – Beings of Light chosen by Your Healing Guide and healing specific for your improved energy, balance and consistency.

Release from the mental sway and emotional turbulence that keeps you from the ease and peace of higher vibrations while releasing the density that holds you down.

icoon Buddha Jesus

There will be much more that will flow in for you as you are READY in a gentle drip effect of healing by YOUR Healing Guide and Higher Self.

Remote healing will be transmitted when you are in meditation, sleep or resting – in little brain activity.

First opporunity to prepare for 11 11 13 is Sunday, 11 10 at 3pm Mountain Time or 9pm MST. to receive first remote healing.

The following will be 11 11 13  9AM or 9PM MST

Other times may be scheduled. Please reach me to inquire and schedule.

Activations will continue to come in through the 7 days following 11 11.

Audio meditation for cleansing will be provided.

Clients who are on monthly cleansing and coaching or Life purpose sessions will receive free healing.

COST: via paypal by donation Go to side bar and make Donation by clicking on Donation button.  You do not need to have a paypal account in order to use paypal

Do you have a spouse, Twin, Soul Mate or children you wish to have this healing as well? Consider this healing for them to improve your energy while in relationship with others!

Many Blessings to you!

For more information, please reach me via FB messages, or email at