Soul Mate – the Transformation to Sacred Love and SELF Love

I dedicate this to all the Soul Mates out there who play their roles perfectly.

They may not know their role.

The Ascending one may not know

It is all an amazing dance.

To my Soul Mate love

Thank you for all you did for me, for US!

I hope you heard this song and it comforted you when you were in the midst of it all….

Like the song….

I knew you could fly

I knew you chose not to fly

I felt your Light fade

I now see the perfection

I thank you for passing the remaining mission to my Shooting Star

WE FLY for you now!


It was a tremendous push and pull         drops-of-jupiter-rebecca-bekkoyochi-poole

We were always having ego clashing these days

I did not see light in this relationship

I felt he blocked my way back to light and soul with envy

Where was his light?

He was in struggle between material answers and healing

There seemed no resolution for him

I was certain

I must continue to find healing

I must continue to break my ego stories even if there are a thousand buttons

I must continue until each one was done

He thought I was crazy

He was angry about my “spa vacations” at the Ashram

And meanwhile abandoning him, abandoning responsibility

I thought that was my responsibility

To heal us out of the ego story madness as all other paths to peace had failed

I had a reoccurring message

Healing yourself will heal your family

It was my driving force and clarity

I could not see how he would find the light

I could not see that he had it in him to heal himself

He didn’t even meditate

The children standing by, watched closely

Their joy in my meditation and healing was evident

My ability to be more present in their lives was welcomed

Their return to happiness was my evidence

One loved the Ashram

She taught me her centering techniques

The other loved Angels

She showed me her skepticism but later her Self transformation

They both showed me Essence

One day, there was a change

There was a chance of healing he said

He laid it out before me

I doubted

I could not see how what he proposed would solve anything for anyone

Ahh isn’t that what I accused him of?

Choosing for me?

He insisted

I resisted

More clashing ego and tearing at each other

I wondered how much this Self healing was doing when I found myself reacting this way

When I stopped my tug of war, I asked him why

I wanted to hear how he felt, not what he thought

I saw his eyes, I heard his heart

I saw the spark of who I knew before

That was all it took

He was on his way

Five years later it all became clear

I heard the news and I was sobbing with relief

The trip he deserved, the trip he needed for his healing was a gift to us all

There was a Divine plan all along

I was not crazy

My security rose

I continued my work

I continued to seek sacred love and forgiveness

I began to urgently push myself forward

The time was near

There was now an end date to this thrust upward that began so long ago

I was intense

I embodied Ametherea, My Oracle Being

Wasn’t that enough?

I had no form to grasp

How would this gap in consciousness be resolved for him for us?

I did not linger on why

He was fading

It was soul wrenching

I only focused on faith that was growin

On the sensation of Wholeness

On my Guidance and the inner glow within me

I asked each day to love him as Christ would though I knew through ego filter it looked like hate or betrayal

I did not know how to be happy and joyful for myself watching so much suffering

I kept hearing Emotional Detachment was the Way

He was weakening

He was falling away before my eyes

I felt his desire to go

When my work was done, I felt the shift

I could finally see his Higher Self

I felt my heart burst open

I felt my True Self ready

I felt the answers flood in

I felt his gift to me, to us

I hoped for his happiness and health

Days later I heard his gratitude for the shift in our harmony but there was little light inside

For days I knew he was going, he had decided

I did not know how, but I felt the certainty

We had one amazing meeting of the heart and soul

It was a tremendous night of sacred love and healing

I knew it was the last

I saw the lightening above his head that fateful day

I knew he would never return from this trip set into motion an unknown time prior

I did all I could in the short time left

I must prepare him for his journey

He was strangely open and clear

I felt I was preparing a tender soul for a new school

It was odd and beautiful at the same time

I only heard from him once

I picked up the message

Time was drawing near

I never heard his voice again

He never heard mine

He never spoke with the children

My heart was complete

My inner light was sure

I saw he came through the house and left messages

A feather by her soccer bag

An email that finalized anything weighing on him for the one daughter of his grain

He knew the other was planned for

She was of mine

He only worried and felt for the one

He was concerned for her journey

He knew I was ready

He was sure they would be cared for

But the one, he felt a heaviness

Would she struggle as he?

I felt the anguish

I felt the uncertainty

I felt the struggle to leave and let go

I felt the regret

It took my breath away and left me on my knees

I sought humbleness

I had to see this was not will and ego

I had to know this was of heaven’s plan and not mine

I searched my heart and soul and begged for direction

I sought clarity

This must be of ONENESS and soul love for all

I felt support all around me

I was told to take charge

I told him it was his time to go

He must go

He did EXACTLY as he was designed

He did the most brilliant soul work of all time

I saw all that he did for me, for us, for the Earth flash through

All KNOWING clicked into place

I was lifted above my grief and emotions

I gave him a firm yet loving push upward

I felt him leave and go into a light and peaceful state

I felt such pain and such relief for him, for us

I now felt envy….

He left the Wheel of Incarnation, Service Done

The ONENESS was overwhelming

It was our reward

“Thank you, Soul mate for your Sacred Love and Service to all”

I felt my Twin Flame near

My Shooting Star from all Realms far

The Switch Out was near

Is that what I will choose?

Train Drops of Jupiter

Watch the video of lyrics…truly one Soul Mate that understands the other side of Ascension

Published by: awakenhealinspire

I have been passionate about understanding energy and managing energy my whole life and its contribution to health, emotions and cycles of behaviors patterns. This has led me on a journey of study and experiences for Self Healing and resolution for sick family members. I have mentored women from dysfunctional families since 1996 and worked with children since 2003. Naam Yoga Therapist Shakti Naam Yoga Instructor Hatmonyum Healing System Practitioner Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor/Practitioner Children's Energy and Family Dynamics Specialist

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