Message from Elemental Shekar

Today on my journey in meditation I was awoken before 5:55.  I was sent out the door to walk with the dogs in the woods.  I followed instructions to see what I would be shown.

 In the woods, I was met by a Centaur I saw quite vividly in my mindseye.  He was massive.  Bright white and golden and standing as tall as one of the trees.  He was stern but delighted to have a message received by one that could understand. 

The people have lost their way to nature.  They have lost their way of BEING.  It is simple.  To be, go out into any space close by and begin to develop a relationship with nature there.  If it is a small square of dirt in your back yard or out your door close by, if you begin to spend time meditating, planting in pots, exercising, sitting and reading spiritual tools….whatever it is THERE in that small space, you will begin to raise YOUR vibration.  You will begin to raise the vibration in your space.  You will begin to develop your own TEMPLE outside your inner LIGHT TEMPLE.  That is the first message.  Nature is waiting to assist us to heal ourselves and heal our environments.  All we have to do is begin small and let the Elementals assist us in further developments.  A small seed in a pot will attract all we need.

 Secondly, there are many who meditate.  There are many of those that have not yet begun to consciously LIVE.  If you are BEING within our day to day activities, sitting meditation will begin to expand consciousness into our activities.  To begin this, exercise, walk, take notice of the leaves moving within the breeze but move doing something that causes us to BE so engaged, in so much enjoyment we are not in mind but we are BEING.  At times your physical labor of your land, our homes, your exercise to develop your Temple strength is not enjoyment.  It is perspiration and challenge.  It will heat you up and cause you times of frustration.  However, this is BEING and causing you to relate to yourself within motion.  Afterwards, as you do your relaxation, taking a breath, begin to acclimate to whatever the exertion,  you will begin to float and begin to SEE that all you need is there for you.  You will become more consciously alive and engaged.  You will experience YOU relating to YOU in a new way.  Your people NEED to BE in conscious activity.  Conscious movement.  Conscious activity not in your mind so much and not just meditating in your chair.  THIS will begin to raise the vibration faster, your family vibration, your tribe vibration your Earth vibration. 

Finally, you will be LOVED while you try these new activities or deeper experiences.  You are and will always be accompanied by Elemental energies that will take you further inward to SoulSelf and to JOY.  As your children used to play only outdoors or creating indoors, before the age of technology, YOU must reignite yourself and the Elementals will great you as you step outdoors.  When you fill your aura with our loving energies, you will BRING this energy into your homes and your work spaces.  You will begin to create and outer experience of nature WITHIN your spaces so there is more energy and balance for you.  You will begin to bring the Elemental helpful energy into YOU in all ways.  This will assist you to move with less stress and fret. 

Do not be afraid of what you begin to KNOW, SEE or FEEL as we will be sending you loving messages in those ways.  ALWAYS KNOW, there is LIGHT and there is DARK.  Do not be blind to the Dark as it teaches as well as the Light.  It will teach you what the LIE of SEPARATION has created.  This lie has driven you and all of us further and further from JOY and living abundantly TOGETHER.  So KNOW, and hear me well:  There is darkness in nature as there is darkness everywhere.  Always ask for LIGHT BEING ELEMENTALS to share your land, your walks, your journeys in your walk abouts.  Always ask them to care for your plants and your nutrition.  Light Being Elementals are by your side as Light Beings from above are with you.  ASK and clarify and you will always be safe and protected and you will LEARN from the dark creatures but they will go on their way.  They may deliver vital messages in their Being way that will assist us all in our continue balance of Dark and Light.  Do not linger with them.  Do not run in fear.  Trust they are before you as your Beings of Light are surrounding you to teach you something about darkness you must know.  Then go on your way and ask your Light Being Guardians to clear your path and energy.  If need be, Arch Angel Michael and his band will remove the creature as it has done its job and can now be raised to Divine Light.

There will be more messages to come.  For now know you are so LOVED and PROTECTED and SUPPORTED to find JOY. 

Shekar is at your service.


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