Life Purpose and Three Dimension Healing


One Thing

Try to dedicate yourself to one thing only.
Do not worry about anything else.
Do not bother with anything else – other than your daily chores, of course. Focus on nothing else.
Do one thing and one thing only. And this one thing will go on to fill your meditations, your inspirations. Pay attention to all the details. Every one of them.
Place your love in all that you do. Place your love in this one thing that occupies all your thoughts.
And most important, show your gratitude.
Gratitude for being alive, for being able to profoundly live this experience.
And through gratitude, you will come to me.
And I will descend through that improbable channel you created with your gratitude.
And I will be there in an instant.
And I can personally help you to arrange this action, this event.
And whatever you do will have my energy.
And my energy will flow from you and your actions.
And everyone will feel my energy.
And you will finally become a channel for transmitting pure energy.
This is your mission.

No 230
The Book of Light
Ask and Heaven will Answer

This morning I awoke from a very clear vision. I went out to meditate and go up into a higher space to SEE what we would be doing with this healing process today for the participants who began moving forward to heal their three dimensions with me a couple of days ago. I pulled this message above and returned to a higher meditation. I opened with gratitude and immediately felt the very healing energy of Christ/Buddha. I went past zero point frequency to find balancing of my energy tripod and three dimensions at a deeper level and to watch the healing that was being poured over the participants. This healing will be coming into to each participant as they are ready to accept and as their Higher Self and Healing Guide knows they can tolerate. The rest of the healing will held to receive for later times.

The result of this deep healing is so one can go up into your meditation, and begin to get more in touch with your Essence and what is blocking your Essence. The purpose is to begin to flow more easily in each step with alignment and clarity because you can be CLEAR of your energy.

IF you, who have not BEGUN this journey, feel the energy pulling you to proceed, breathe deeply….FILL up with this loving energy that is awaiting to help unwind age old blocks to YOU and your Essence. The answers you have been awaiting or the clarity to release Self-Aspects to healing is HERE.

It took me quite sometime of reading and meditating over the above message.  I became more clear each time on my life purpose.  At each step it is simply about healing the SELF.  Eventually it is about Essence and what that Essence is designed to DO in more specifics.  If you would like to unwind the blocks to your Higher Sense Perception, this energy is here for you. Assistance is here for you.  At times, receiving and laying back to just receive is the balance needed to get clear and to LET GO of blocks to Self.

Please see for the offering discussed about.  There are many places to start so please contact me with questions and for an Energy consultation to see what is appropriate for you.

Many blessings of White healing Light to you!

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