Becoming WHOLE is KEY

What if the first way back to each other (Twin) is becoming THE WHOLE SOUL in Self?

As I become my whole soul there is NOTHING missing.

When I brought my full Being…..knowing of TRUE SELF and empowerment on May 18 last year, I didn’t feel….. WHERE is my other half? I felt FULL and COMPLETE. I did not have one bit of longing for anything but more of what I had withIN.
I finished the longing and wanting. My twin and I had finished our longing, discord, distance, rebellion, our wanting, blaming………on the inner journey to healing ME while I was down here and he was in another realm.
He landed 8 (infinity) days later to join me on our completion journey. Our final life as separate egos. Male, female but balanced energies of SAME SOUL.
If we only SEE that twin is the healing of SELF not relationship therapy or negotiating differences BUT the differences and separation within SELF.
When I was focusing on healing myself, I was angry I was alone for a long while and I felt my twin should be w me. I began to understand the Twin connection…..the feeling that there was a part of me missing and there was no other connection on Earth I had ever experienced that felt like this missing peice. But at some point I understood from guidance ALL would be healed and resolved by just focusing on finishing cracking my ego and finding my missing pieces myself. I couldn’t wait for twin to do this w me or for me in the physical. My empowerment was focusing on me, healing me. My ego said all of my struggle was outside. That’s why focusing on twin or soul mate and what is happening in twin such as “how can I be ok if he’s low or lost, she’s not aware”…….all of that keeps us outside and in ego story…. no doubt in past life lessons……
I am blessed for how twin and I designed this life. My struggles were perfectly set up to push me to heal it all. I didn’t realize it until recently just how much was needed in pain and loss to cause me to FORGET truth and use the density here to unsuppress what was blocking me from inner union let alone twin union.

We are here to unsuppress emotions….karma that is blocked up inside.

If you are estranged from twin, look at how you are estranged from yourself in some way. There is the KEY.
When I feel any distance with Twin at all, it doesn’t take long before I SEE I must look inside myself and what is the next part of separation within ME to address and heal.  I am not saying there are not things for him to do.  I am the in the healer role, however so when I do the energetic healing, I am doing what is within my empowerment for me and my twin. I am empowered not wanting, waiting, blaming……

Published by: awakenhealinspire

I have been passionate about understanding energy and managing energy my whole life and its contribution to health, emotions and cycles of behaviors patterns. This has led me on a journey of study and experiences for Self Healing and resolution for sick family members. I have mentored women from dysfunctional families since 1996 and worked with children since 2003. Naam Yoga Therapist Shakti Naam Yoga Instructor Hatmonyum Healing System Practitioner Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor/Practitioner Children's Energy and Family Dynamics Specialist

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