I am passionate about helping people heal as I have.  That is why we are here on Earth – to heal and evolve!  I am so blessed to have transformed beyond all root blocks.  I am ready and able to assist you to do the same.

We all came in with karmic blocks to discover and heal.  One of my gifts is to identify your karmic blocks, energetically remove them and then help you transition into living issue free.  One of the ways I help you transition is by keeping you connected to the truth up high and help you discern what is drama to heal or drop.  Doesn’t living issue free sound amazing?  The most beautiful experiences – to transform and wake up to a free way of living!  Discover how simple sessions or classes of Integrated Energy Therapy® can empower you to experience, facilitate and maintain your own healing.  Learn about Integrated Energy Therapy® on the top bar of this site.

 Are you ready?  I am!

Call me for a complimentary consultation and let’s get started.

Love and Brilliant White Light to you,

Patricia Ametherea  – Original Oracle

Energy Educator – Cleansing and Healing for all Beings and Earth

Energy Intuitive Divine Conduit and Healing Facilitator

Transformation Coach
Vortex energy, Sedona, AZ
Love from above is with you Now