Patricia Ametherea – Original Oracle here to identify your path back to ORIGINAL ENERGY and Wholeness


I love to help people transform to their true selves one simple step at a time.

My experience involves more than 16 years of sponsoring many in 12-step, spiritually based programs to regain a spiritual connection that nurtured them back to a vibrant life, as it has for me.  In doing so I have learned countless lessons.  In June of 2008, I began my awakening process through many meditation and spiritual studies led by Enlightened Masters, spiritual teachers.  With the healing of loving Source my vibration raised where many Multidimensional gifts are available to me.  In December of 2011 I hit zero point frequency and True Self for the first time.  I began on my mission to heal others at that time.  I am only one of countless people who have done the same and passed their healing and knowledge on to me for YOU!

What gifts do I have to assist you?

Essence of Raphaela – the divine feminine energy of  Arch Angel Raphael

Energy healing from the highest, most powerful source of energy over Earth – White Light, Christ – Buddha energy

Dimension of Four Directionals – unlimited access to assistance and tools from all Ascended or Beings of Light and ELEMENTS, Elemental Light Beings

The answers and resolution to challenges are lightening speed with commitment to TRUE SELF and cleansed energy.

A shared helix connection with an Ancient Ascended Master

The rough illustration above shows the Energy Tripod I contain within my vessel and within the inner and outer experience with my family connections.  The Web – double helix connection and Union with my Twin Ray, two Twin Flames on Earth, my daughters .  My daughters and I each hold a helix connection with separate Ascended Masters as show at the top of the pyramid in the illustration above.

Original Essence Energy –  3 Souls

Ametherea, the Oracle – Amethyst in color – purpose: Seer of your path, purpose and lessons to heal in this life, visionary, Advocacy watch over soul family

Raphaela, The Gardener – Emerald Green in color – purpose: Ancient Wisdom, Use of the elements to heal

Fuschia – Fuchsia in color – purpose:  Transmuter of density, healer and trainer of Empaths and highly sensitive, cleanser and Earth healer

We are here to evolve out of emotional and material density.  Let us begin.

My primary gift is energy reading and energy cleansing and activations to awaken your soul blueprint.  To know more, go to Energy Cleansing and Coaching link http://wp.me/P2pVKi-8q

I receive new activations and improvements to my Soul Union on Earth ongoing.  If you would like to understand why we may be connecting at this time to assist you in Ascension and fulfillment of your Soul Evolution, email me! transformationcoach1111@gmail.com

If you care to know more about my ascension timeline, including Twin Ray, please see my Twin Flame and Ascension Timeline page.  It is not always up to date as energy changes so quickly, however, it will give you the steps I followed.